Large capsules ("horse pills”) can be tough to swallow. Here's how to split them!

A capsule filler is helpful when

• Capsules you start with are too large to consume

• The taste or texture of something is too unpleasant to swallow

• You need to divide a bulk remedy into specific doses

This video shows how it is done.

Capsules are usually made from gelatin or cellulose. Be aware that

1) The processes used to create gelatin result in free glutamate and aspartate. Both of these act as excitotoxins.

2) Cellulose caps are marketed as “veggie caps” but technically they are classified as synthetic. The processes used to create cellulose require hazardous chemicals.

The amount of excitotoxin or chemical residue in a single cap is very small. It may add up over time and contribute to overall body burden.

Currently there is no practical way to measure or predict what affect these caps have. You must personally decide whether the benefit of using capsules outweighs whatever risk you perceive.

To avoid ingesting the capsule, consider pouring its contents into a small bite of fruit sauce or a drink. This works if the contents do not have an offensive taste or texture, and if the contents are not sensitive to this kind of treatment.

Given a choice, clear caps are better than colored ones in order to avoid dyes.

Capsule blanks come in many sizes (scroll to bottom of this page). Basic math is necessary to figure out what size and quantity will achieve a recommended dose.

Example: Caprylic acid is widely used in the treatment of bacteria and yeast in the gut. It is sold over the counter. Some manufacturers, such as Solaray, offer the product in a pure form (with few or no excipients) but the doses are usually too high for children.

It is impractical to simply open the original capsule and give the child a divided dose — Caprylic acid tastes absolutely terrible!

Let’s say you want a 250mg dose and the original strength is 2000mg in a size-0 cap.

First, use a sizing chart (such as bottom of this page) to discover that size-4 caps will hold a 250mg dose.

Next, how many doses can you get from the original capsule?

capsule dose conversion

You can get four of the 250mg doses. Now, how many of the original caps should be opened? If you have a 60-cap filler, then

capsules to fill sheet

You need 15 of the original caps to fill 60 of the new small ones.

Keep in mind you'll need to buy a specific encapsulating sheet to match each size of capsule you intend to use.

Hint: After you have the new caps filled and ‘capped’, take a moment to use a soft cloth and wipe off any dusty powder that may be left on the outside. Now all of the offending flavor is completely inside the caps.