Things are not always what they seem.

I helped a loved one recover from toxic overload.

It wasn't a one-time accute exposure that caused injury to the brain, gut, and immune system.

It was the constant little exposures that built up and became overwhelming.

The kind of daily exposures that all of us encounter, but not everyone can shed.

Some "experts" dismissed this person's condition, declaring the cause was unknown and nothing effective could be done.

Other "experts" labeled the condition based on outward behavioral symptoms, rather than understanding the internal root causes.

There are many intelligent, well-intentioned people who don't know what they don't know.

It's hard to find something when you don't know where to look.

It's even harder if you refuse to look.

Thankfully, we found knowledgable people who grasp the vast amount of scientific evidence demonstrating the connection between toxicants and illnesses.

They guided us through protocols that addressed the damage and repercussions of toxic burden.

There were tests to identify chemical burdens and their impact on metabolism, immune function, and other physiology.

There were treatments to reduce the level of toxics and pathogens, boost immunity, and heal from the complexities of toxic injury.

Some people look on and believe they should oppose this approach.

They debate whether the protocols are safe, proven, or even "quackery".

But the approach makes sense.

And it works.

The journey started in 2003. Navigating each day's toxic exposures is a challenge.

Along the way I've witnessed recovery from conditions and illness deemed "unrecoverable".

Don't give up, don't give in.

When I stumble over gaps in knowledge,

When intuition sounds an alarm,

I dig in and investigate.

This web site offers a slice of what I've learned and presents it in a way that "connects the dots".

I tried to keep the format lean for readers new to this topic. Citations are revealed in the links.

I hope you gain better understanding about how easily toxic exposures occur, the types of illness that result, and how to prevail.

Currently my home is the San Francisco Bay Area.

I have a degree in physics, and before this journey started I was VP of marketing for a semiconductor intellectual property company. Currently I'm co-founding a clean energy venture. That's one more way I can help reduce the pollution in people.

I'm grateful for much encouragement and support along the way.

I'm privileged to give some knowledge back to the community.

I recognize there is much more this site could cover.

It barely touches the tip of a colossal iceberg.

I invite you to explore this site further.

As you read, ask yourself, "Is this okay? Is this what we're stuck with?"

Every time you make a choice you can make a change!

Thanks for stopping by — Ron