We're often asked, "What do you use?"

Here are simple examples.

Air Filtration

HealthMate, HealthMate+, and HealthMate Jr.
HEPA filters made by Austin Air

Accumulair furnace air filters

Body Care

Badger unscented sunscreen

NOW XyliWhite toothpaste


NaturOli soap nuts

Dr. Bronner’s soap


Microfiber towels

Cooking and Serving

Le Creuset cookware but NOT if the surface is perfluorinated

Stainless steel baking sheets layered with parchment paper

GSI Outdoors PioneerWare enamelware

Far-Infrared Sauna

Heavenly Heat Saunas

Food and Nutrition

Tropical Traditions coconut products, honey, and salt

Environmental Working Group's guide to pesticides in produce

Capsuline capsule filler machine and blanks
Handy tips here

Food and Water Storage

Glass storage containers

We re-use jars and bottles extensively

No plastic, no aluminum, no perfluorinated surfaces

Water Filtration

Multi-stage filtration provides excellent results. Many fine systems are available.
Since 2005 we've been using and maintaining the system describe here:

ROM III reverse osmosis system by Everpure
with this MaxPro as a 4th-stage post-filter
This drain line adapter, available here, simplifies installation
There are other drain line adapter styles too
Simple plastic tube pipe cutter
Dual outlet dual shut-off valves — check your hardware store
Braided supply lines — check your hardware store
This TDS tester works well

Sprite KDF shower head filters and cartridges (KDF data here)

Something Else

Debra Lynn Dadd's site has extensive information about non-toxic solutions can help you make informed choices about toys, clothing, cars and more