Live viruses from the MMR trigger excitotoxicity.

Reports from the IOM, the CDC, and the AAP claim there is "no proven association" between Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism.

Phrases like "no proven association" divert the facts.

The burden of proof becomes "certainty through reliable, repeatable, long-term clinical studies".

The CDC and others know that no such collection of studies exist — and they are not motivated to do them.

They also know that statistical analysis of population-level data (epidemiology) is insufficient to prove or disprove a relationship between cause and effect.

So let's be fair.

There is "no proven disassociation".

The blatant conflicts of interest at the IOM, CDC, and AAP have been widely covered. Their reports on this topic are not “hard science”, they are position statements.

'Autism' is simply the name given to a collection of behaviors described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). If you have the symptoms, then you have ‘autism’.

The CDC frequently states that the cause of 'autism' is not known, but avidly claims there is no link between vaccines and the symptoms known as ‘autism’.

For a start, why not simply compare the incidence of disease in vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations?

This survey using CDC methods shows a connection...

Meanwhile, there is considerable evidence from biological science that the MMR vaccine is associated with some cases of 'autism'.

To comprehend the connection it is important to keep in mind these two things:

1) A variety of toxicants (chemical, viral, bacterial) have been demonstrated to cause physical illnesses that lead to behaviors categorized as 'autism'.

For example, 'autism' is well-characterized for its immune-mediated inflammatory disorders.

2) The MMR vaccine is not responsible for ALL cases of 'autism'.

View it as a bell curve

• A small percentage will be due primarily to ingredients in the MMR vaccine

• A large percentage will have those ingredients as a contributing factor

• A small percentage will not exhibit symptoms from the vaccine's ingredients

Research indicates that the strongest associations linking MMR and autism follow either one, or both, of the following scenarios:

1. Pre-existing toxic burden suppresses the immune system. This makes the child more vulnerable to live viruses when the MMR vaccine is given.

Children are burdened with toxicants prior to MMR vaccination. Toxics begin accumulating from the moment of conception.

First, the fetus absorbs a substantial part of the mother's toxic load.

After birth, the mother continues passing toxics to the child through breast milk.

Additional toxics accumulate from exposure to food, water, air, other vaccines (read the ingredients), and general environmental contact.

These toxics weaken and alter immune function.

The degree to which this occurs varies from person to person.

There are many variables:

• What kinds of toxics have been encountered?

• What was the nature of exposure — inhaled, ingested, absorbed, injected?

• How long did the exposures last, and were they repeated?

• What kind of synergies exist between the toxics?

• How large was the child when exposure occurred?

• What state of health was the child in when exposure occurred?

• What are the child's genetic and epigenetic susceptibilities (which themselves can be altered by toxic insults)?

By the time the live MMR virus strains are injected, the child's immune system can be too weak or dysfunctional to mount an effective defense.

Instead of simply developing antibodies and clearing the viruses, one or more of the viruses set up residence.

These viruses emit toxics from their own metabolism. Viruses can be synergistically toxic with other toxics.

This elevated toxic load results in various outward symptoms.

As before, the severity will vary from person to person.

The time it takes for injury to appear will also vary from person to person.

In some children, MMR vaccination becomes their "toxic tipping point" and symptoms of their individual toxic injury proceed to match the definition for 'autism'.

2. Live viruses from the MMR trigger excitotoxicity.

Part of the brain's immune system is formed by glial cells (microglia).

Astroglia cells (astrocytes) surround neurons and perform many functions including

• Formation of the blood-brain barrier

• Providing nutrients to nerve tissue

• Playing a principle role in the repair and scarring process

Another very important role is to maintain a balance between excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters.

Measles virus is drawn towards tissue in the nervous system (neurotropic) and gut (enterotropic).

As the measles virus migrates towards nerve tissue it commences to kill astrocytes, breaching the blood-brain-barrier and continuing to invade further in.

Glutamate — the most prevalent excitatory neurotransmitter — builds up in excess as more astrocytes die within the brain.

Excess glutamate is excitotoxic. This causes nerve receptors to over-activate. Ultimately the nerve cannot keep up and it either

a) Kills itself (apoptosis), or

b) Triggers a nearby microglia cell to devour it (phagocytosis)

Also, during excitotoxicity the mitochondrial production of ATP molecules (the energy source for cell metabolic processes) may be reduced, stopped or even reversed.

When mitochondria malfunction, all sorts of cellular disruption and failure occur.

When cells malfunction, misfire, or die then quite a range of symptoms can manifest.

In some children this excitotoxic injury will manifest as symptoms of 'autism'.

Research directly correlates higher rates of mitochondrial dysfunction with 'autism'.

A similar chain of destruction can occur in the gut.

Chronic bowel inflammation and dysfunctional immune system can be the result of measles virus alone.

Other MMR vaccine ingredients include:

Sorbitol — when injected (not digested) it increases hyperosmotic stress, phosphorylation, mitochondrial failure, DNA fragmentation, and cell apoptosis (cell death)

Neomycin — antibiotic, allergic reactions can range from mild to life threatening

Cultured cells — grown in chick embryos, fetal bovine serum, and aborted human fetal cells

Hydrolyzed gelatin — excitotoxic

Glutamate — excitotoxic

Along with the live viral insult, the vaccine recipient is immediately loaded with these additional toxicants.