FluMist is influenza...

"At least one vaccine strain was isolated from 80% of FluMist recipients; strains were recovered from 1-21 days post vaccination"

"The duration of FluMist vaccine virus replication and shedding have not been established"

In other words, people who take FluMist become contagious with influenza.

This is important because FluMist is pushed on children, teachers, hospital workers, first responders, and others who are in close contact situations.

How many people receiving FluMist will avoid contact with immunocompromised individuals for at least 3 weeks? How do they even know who to avoid?

How do people figure out which strangers among them have received FluMist anytime recently?

The 3 live viruses chosen each year for FluMist production are not guaranteed to make their way around the world naturally.

Bottling them into FluMist and deliberately squirting them into people around the world significantly increases the probability that these viruses will appear worldwide.

Why do that?

“FluMist has not been evaluated for its carcinogenic or mutagenic potential or its potential to impair fertility”

Besides the 3 live flu strains, FluMist contains

Egg allantoic fluid — the part of "egg whites" containing allantoin and used to culture the live viruses; formaldehyde is added to weaken the viruses.

*Sucrose — a disaccharide (glucose + fructose); if it gets directly into the blood it can wreak havoc on the immune system.

*Potassium phosphate — See phosphate buffers; likely to intensify excitotoxicity brought on by MSG.

*Monosodium glutamate (MSG) — a potent excitotoxin. When FluMist is squirted into sinus cavities, the MSG will be mobilize quickly into the brain causing random neurons to fire uncontrollably.

Gentamicin sulfate — a broad-spectrum antibiotic derived from an actinomycete (the order Actinomycetales contains any of various filamentous or rod-shaped, often pathogenic microorganisms that are found in soil and resemble bacteria and fungi).

So, besides the live flu viruses you get toxics and an antibiotic.

*Togther these three are known as SPG (sucrose-phosphate-glutamate).

As shown in the links above, these ingredients are known to produce negative symptoms.

When comparing live vaccines against placebos, SPG is often used in the ‘placebo’.

The result becomes a larger percentage of 'controls' that exhibit adverse symptoms.

This makes it easier for adverse vaccine reactions to appear 'normal'.