A substance with an inherent property that tends to destroy life or impair health

A poison produced by a micro-organism or other organism and acting as an antigen in the body

Toxicant (Toxic)
A chemical compound that poisons organisms

A micro-organism that can cause disease

A substance which causes genetic mutation

A drug or other substance capable of interfering with the development of a fetus, causing birth defects

A substance or agent that can poison or cause degenerative effects in a developing fetus or embryo

Endocrine disruptor
A chemical that interferes with the endocrine system, for instance by binding to estrogen or androgen receptors, leading to adverse effects

A substance that causes cancer

Harmful substances or products in the environment

Genetic pollution
The spread of altered genes from genetically engineered organisms to other, non-engineered organisms

Toxic Trespass
When toxic materials used on one property drift (trespass) onto another property. Most attention is given to airborne drift, but underground plumes and other modes of migration can also be involved. For example

• On a large scale, Toxic Trespass occurs from industrial emissions

• On a neighborhood scale, Toxic Trespass occurs from pesticide application to lawns, gardens, and buildings